“Between in-sourcing (hiring internal staff person) and outsourcing for our organization, outsourcing is the low-risk proposition. That’s what I wish someone had told me years ago,” a client told me as we reflected on our work together.

Over twelve months of working together, TurboExecs completely turned around this client’s business.

They went from not knowing whether they were going to make payroll to “Oh my goodness, look at that EBITDA” by getting grounded in good financial management, accessing insightful reporting to facilitate good decision making, and providing a pathway for them to do forecasting (because sometimes you have to forecast your way out of a hole).

But how does going in and helping people like we helped this client become a low-risk proposition?

The truth is, hiring is a hugely high-risk proposition. You’re taking a guess based on somebody’s resume, and most CEOs aren’t financial management experts, so they don’t know what kind of financial person they need in the first place. And honestly, I’ve often seen candidates who have job titles that aren’t really indicative of what their job responsibilities, tasks, and capabilities actually are.

So, when you’re trying to fill a void in your organization and a candidate hands you a piece of paper, you don’t really know the quality of the experiences of that individual. There are ways to effectively tease that out in an interview, but more often than not people just trust what’s printed on the paper. (Read what I have to say about blind trust here.)

The reason our client said choosing TurboExecs is a low-risk proposition is we have a team of folks who are highly experienced and proven in their capabilities.

He doesn’t have to go out into the unknown to try to find what it is he thinks he needs. TurboExecs works with him to figure out the financial capabilities he needs within the organization and what kind of person would support that role.

We consider personality match with the CEO, capabilities, experience, and culture fit when we connect someone from our team to yours. Our team is rather flexible and chameleon-like, and we adapt to the unique qualities and ticks of each CEO to complement them.

My client’s a-ha moment prompted my own: TurboExecs is a low-risk proposition when it comes to finding awesome financial management expertise for your organization without the kicking and screaming of the whole recruiting and hiring process.

He realized he didn’t need to go through the whole in-house recruiting and hiring process…he just needed to have a conversation with me to help him understand the financial management he needed and what kind of talent would be required to support it.

If you’re thinking, I just DIY my financials, that’s all well and good…until it’s not, and you’ve hit a ceiling where you can’t grow anymore, find yourself dug into a deep hole you’re clambering to get out of, or just can’t see where you’re at. Click here to learn more about what you might be missing by DIYing your business, and if you’re ready to chat about the low-risk proposition of partnering with TurboExecs for your financial management needs, schedule a consultation today.

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