Patty, We used to have an Accounts Receivables issue. Thank you & your crew for helping us clean up our AR. We are better able to see our open invoices and more aggressively work to collect old receivables. As you say, you helped us “clean up the noise” so we can stay focused on trying to collect the older balances and not letting the current invoices get too late.

Debbie Wiedwald

Owner , Blackburn’s Chimney Services, Columbus, OH

Patty was critical in supporting me during a critical transition process of a $200 million dollar business into Graham Packaging. Patty helped put in place the financial tools we needed to help transition this acquisition into our company.

Peter Lennox

President , Pregis Protective Packaging Europe

I contacted Patty in 2015 because I was struggling to understand my company’s numbers. When it came to cash flow, I was like the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water. I didn’t perceive the dangerous place in which I was operating my business.

It was a little embarrassing to show Patty our numbers at first, but my company was in an uncomfortable place of growth and she was able to identify where we were overspending and underperforming.

Since she began working with us, we have grown from a $2.5M company to a $6.75M company in 2019. That growth enabled us to purchase and equip a $3M building, and land a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing privately-held companies. She’s instilled in me a calm confidence that I have the right information to make decisions for the company.

Patty is a financial “wizard” and I highly recommend her if you want to learn more about how your company operates by the numbers. She can help you successfully navigate big changes or growth, and if you’re seeking to mature your business and make it more profitable through efficiencies, you need Patty.

Chuck Hall

President , Winston’s Chimney Service

Patty was a very reliable, proactive and financially savvy person. She can bring out the best in people and provide creative solutions to issues.

Dave Andrulonis

Vice President & GM , Flexible Packaging, Tekni-Plex, Inc.

Patty was brought into our organization as an interim CFO. She has filled a gap in our accounting/finance area extremely well and has proven capable of helping us to think at a higher, strategic level.

Dean Stoltzfus

CEO, Stoltzfus Feed & Supply, Inc.

Over the years, we’ve worked with several bookkeeping firms who knew how to put information into QuickBooks but not how to process it. We needed to have our processes cleaned up and organized for auditors and for running the business of a 501c3 arts organization. Clear and concise information, reported regularly, is critical for the board to make rational, informed decisions.

Working with TurboExecs has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. They saved us money, have gotten us into compliance, cleaned up our QuickBooks, and continue to provide us all the monthly financial statements and specialized reporting we need to make important decisions.

There’s much more ease and clarity with our money now. If you’re a business owner or non-profit organization that wants to have more control over what’s going on in your business, work with TurboExecs. They’ll always look out for your best interests (like saving you money!) and they bring honesty, transparency, great communication, and high-level thought processes to the work.

Mary Ellen Davis

Chair of the Board, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

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