Are you ready for what’s next?

What I mean is, have you put thought into positioning your business properly for the world post-COVID? Properly here means that you have three basic elements in place:

A Strong Foundation

Your company’s foundation is what gives you the stability you need to protect your business model, your employees, your clients, your community and yourself. Stability means that you have sufficient cash on hand to pay your bills and pay your employees. (I know you were smart enough to take advantage of some of the CARES Act funding that was made available.) This foundation sits at the base of our triangle.

Enough Resources

Do you have the resources you need? This includes financial resources, human capital, customer demand, and pipeline. So, resources are the next level up in our triangle, because you need access to stored resources in order to allow your company to be agile.

This agility, coupled with a stable foundation, is the key to positioning your business to take advantage of opportunities that may present themselves – and to serve your customers like you’ve never done before – because you’ve had months to prepare your business to pivot and take advantage of massive underserved gaps opening up in our economy.

Remember, in the era of COVID-19, we have to find different ways to serve the changing needs of our clients.

What does that look like for you and your company? What needs are changing in your marketplace, in your industry, for your company? What things are changing for your employees and for your community?


Momentum is at the pinnacle of our triangle. Given the fact that we have a strong foundation and enough resources in place, momentum allows us a certain level of creativity and freedom to explore that next level of addressing the needs of each client and employee, and the community as a whole.

What are you doing in this area? What creative muscle are you flexing to be able to better perform as a company, and to elevate yourself to stand out from the crowd as a leader in your industry?

All three of these elements are critical for you and your company to determine not only what’s next, but how you get to that next level, whether we’re sitting in a global pandemic or not.

These three levels will help you in positioning your business to rise above the rest and be successful, regardless of what’s going on in the world. If you’re ready to advance yourself to the very top and take full advantage of all your possibilities, let’s talk.

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