Each year when we do spring cleaning, we find cobwebs way up high or way back in the corner that need an extra-long-handled broom or dust mop to bring them down.

Similarly, we need to knock down the cobwebs in your business each year that prevent us from seeing the important numbers clearly and planning for the new year.

Spring cleaning starts with planning – but what does that planning look like? Well, in this case, we’re talking about planning a financial budget. As we knock those cobwebs down, we need to start thinking about what we’re doing differently this year than we did last year.

What are we planning to do differently in our business? Are we planning to hire, are we planning for growth? Are we planning for a new line of service or a new line of business this year? If so, we want to understand what new and increased levels of expenses or revenue will result from these plans we’re making.

Then, while we get clear on what we’re going to do differently this year, we need to attach dollars to those thoughts, those actions, and those goals so that we can put together a plan, a budget, or a forecast for the year.

That way, we’ll know how much we’re going to need to spend, how much we’ll need to have in the bank, how much we’ll need to generate in revenue, and what’s achievable and reasonable for the business.

Planning a financial budget means we’ll have a guide to be able to operate and measure against month in and month out to see if we’re making adequate progress against the goals laid out in that budget. We’ll have a clean, fresh start for the year, a clear operating plan to guide us, and a clean closet with no cobwebs.

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