We don’t just need to plan our money and strategic growth moves. We also need to plan for what keeps the business really running: our people.

Companies are people driven. You need great people inside and outside of your company: employees, contractors, clients, community. It’s important to manage the relationships, which are the fabric that knits all of us together.

As business owners, we want to be happy and we want our people to be happy. Happy, engaged people are way more productive in the business. That applies outside the business, too! You want community, clients, and stakeholders to be engaged, too, because that means we have alignment which equals velocity.

All of those different pieces of the puzzle are critical to the success of our companies.

There are four key aspects of people planning for your business that I explore in this episode of TurboCharge Your Business.

Check it out here to gain insight into what you need on the people-side of your business as you grow.



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