By identifying these mistakes, you can take proactive steps to address them and improve the overall performance and efficiency of your financial organization.
A few years ago, I had a conversation with a prospect who was unsure about her controller’s daily activities. End-of-month reports were consistently delayed, special requests remained unfulfilled, and projects seemed to be in a perpetual state of limbo.
Frustrated, she shared her experience with a friend who recommended me. Since then, we’ve been working together.
While her controller continues in the role, we’ve implemented new structures to ensure timely and coherent reporting. I’ve taken charge of most special requests and projects to ensure completion, and we’re collaborating on strategic initiatives requiring specialized expertise beyond her controller’s capabilities.

We uncovered these 3 big mistakes:


  1. Breach of Confidentiality: Her controller often makes careless remarks to other staff members about requests for financial data, breaching confidentiality and eroding trust.
  2. Lack of Responsiveness: The controller’s responses to financial inquiries are frequently inadequate or ignored, leading to delays and frustration.
  3. Missed Deadlines and Inadequate Responses: There is a consistent pattern of missed deadlines and incomplete responses to requests for vital financial information, indicating a failure to meet expectations and deliver results.

During a conversation, my client surprised me by asking, “What if I doubled what I pay you and you take over everything?” Her frustration had reached a breaking point, and she wanted to outsource her entire accounting function to us. This question highlighted the trust we’ve built, her confidence in my abilities, and our past successes together.

  • We had invested significant time in building trust.
  • She had confidence that I could relieve her of the pain she had endured.
  • My past performance was an indicator of good things to come.

At TurboExecs, we believe that delivering results and building trust are essential to success.
If your financial organization is facing similar challenges, let’s discuss how we can help.




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