Join Our Innovative, Flexible TurboExecs Team

Join Our Innovative, Flexible TurboExecs Team

TurboExecs is hiring! Here’s why expert accounting professionals love being a part of our team:

At TurboExecs, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between unlocking your inner genius and raising a family. We’re dedicated to supporting women in their careers by providing a fun and flexible virtual environment. Our team of experts is passionate about leveraging their knowledge in accounting and consulting to empower businesses.

Does that sound like you? Keep reading.

Do you enjoy the flexibility of remote work? Are you an awesome freelancer but would prefer to work as part of a team? Not keen on the hustle and grind required to find new projects? Do you enjoy client relationships and have the ability to make their work a priority? Looking for a company where you can showcase your innovative new ideas?

If so, you might be a TurboExec! Check out the video:

Turbo Execs provides outsourced accounting and CFO services for professional services and non-profit organizations. We reveal the story behind the numbers so they can make data-driven decisions that allow them to leap forward, trusting they have the team and finances in place for manageable, profitable growth.

At TurboExecs, traditional services are delivered in innovative ways, and we are dedicated to providing value to our clients and team members via long-term engagements. This means the end of you searching for new projects!

As a woman-owned business, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering women longing for an environment where work is flexible and fun, while eliciting their everyday genius and passion to help clients achieve their dreams.

As a member of TurboExecs, you’ll have

  • The opportunity to serve for-profit and non-profit clients
  • The chance to help small businesses scale profitably
  • A support network of fellow financial experts
  • Flexibility to set your schedule (within Eastern Time Zone business hours – some synchronous is required for meetings, rest is asynchronous)
  • A lot of fun!

Everyone on our team must:

  • Communicate in very good English (mostly written, but also via web video apps)
  • Be responsive and accountable
  • Uphold client confidentiality and your own personal ethics
  • LOVE what they do
  • Be a positive, happy person
  • Work fast and accurately
  • Enjoy solving problems yourself, so no one else has to
  • Be able to work with anyone on the team, not just the “boss”
  • Meet deadlines
  • Show up to work reliably

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What We Do

At TurboExecs, we reveal the story behind the numbers, by providing the tools, systems and insight for you to grow your business with confidence.


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