Have you ever caught a severe case of Hiring Tunnel Vision?

You know the feeling – you’re getting ready to make big moves for the future of your company, maybe you’ve got a merger or other expansion in the works, and you decide to bring on some extra help in advance.

Now, you know the role you need to fill, you’ve put the word out, and an accomplished candidate with a stellar background shows up. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Well, maybe. But before you make that hire, I want to share with you one of the most important lessons I’ve learned about putting a team together:

The fact that they can spell the name of your industry does not mean they are the right fit for your organization and its needs.

That might sound a little broad, so let me elaborate; a great background in one area does not ensure that the prospective employee in question will be able to contribute to the company culture and serve your team well if the job you need them to do requires an entirely different skill set, even if there happens to be some overlap.

And, going further, making the wrong hire can result in dire consequences for your business.

Why should that be the case? Because every person you bring into your company will have an impact on the overall company culture. They bring their individual perspective and agenda with them, and if it’s not a match to yours, they may cost you opportunities or relationships and even degrade the value of your business as a whole.

When you’re focused on getting ahead and reaching goals, hiring someone with outstanding credentials is a big temptation.

Instead, take a look at the candidate’s background in terms of the future you want for your business. Are they qualified to give you the specific type of support you need, whether it be operational, strategic, etc.? If not, you should pass and keep looking.

I know the idea of a single employee tanking the value of your organization seems far-fetched…but I’ve personally seen it happen. (You can get the full story here.)

Don’t risk your business’ value on a shiny resumé. Make sure you hire the entire person, not just the skills on their list.

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