I’m a hypocrite.
There. I said it. I’m not proud of branding myself that way, but there’s good intent behind it in this case.
You see, when I talk to overwhelmed entrepreneurs, I’m telling them – as are others – to outsource things they’re spending time on that aren’t revenue-generating, aren’t in their wheelhouse, or that take time and focus away.

Think house cleaning, landscaping, bookkeeping, and the rest. You need to be tuned into your business, and typically these activities result in a lack of focus.

I cut my own grass. Yup, I sure do. You can ask my neighbors if you need proof.
Hubby and I are now empty nesters, which means our free labor has flown the coop. Our boys used to mow the lawn, but they were unreliable due to sports and extracurricular schedules failing to mesh with those dry days that were perfect for getting it done.

We used to have a service back when we were running around supporting the boys in all their activities. Back then the service was more of a necessity, since we’re not zoned to keep goats.😉
But now we have that time back.

So, what about all that lack of focus? Nope, not me.
Some people meditate, some people listen to podcasts, others read books. I mow the lawn.
It gives me focus.

I think about my business, about my clients, about my family. Nothing like green monotony to open a blank canvas in my brain and fill it with all kinds of wonderful ideas – and the exercise is a pretty good side benefit.
So, no apologies for the hypocrisy.

If you find that any activity provides you with the ability to focus, then stay the course. And as you do, keep track of the important metrics in your business and note where improvements come from:

Because with focus, you can achieve great things…along with a well-manicured lawn.
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