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Lay a foundation for manageable,
profitable growth and ensure that
your business is designed to take
you where you want to go.

for Profits

Lay a foundation for
manageable, profitable
growth and ensure that
your business is designed
to take you where you
want to go.

Worried that uncontrolled growth could tank your business?

Our team was brought in to help a fast-growth company in the construction industry that was getting ready to crash and burn. Simon knew they had a major issue when they were getting ready to process payroll every other week and kept realizing they didn’t have sufficient funds in their checking account.

That’s when they reached out to us.

Their books were a mess, they were low on cash, and they couldn’t tell how profitable they were. They were growing fast, but spending a lot on labor, commissions, and inventory, and not seeing the cash in their bank account from their customers. They needed to make big changes.

In short, they had a severe mismatch of cash flow timing. Their profitability was good, but cash was going out way more quickly than it was coming in.

Imagine having someone on your team who can meet you where you are and help you build manageable, sustainable, profitable growth.

Your whole team is completely on board with the plan to get there, too. They are happy to be at work and optimistic about the future.

You can feel and see it – you’re back on track, confident and you have a solid foundation underneath you and you’re ready to get back in the driver’s seat and charge forward.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are big picture people — but the devil is in the details.

It’s 100% possible to grow yourself out of cash.

When you’re growing fast, your focus is on the customer — not necessarily on your financial big picture. Chances are:

  • Your revenue is at an all-time high
  • Your accounts receivable balance is at an all-time high
  • Your collections aren’t keeping pace (resulting in past-due accounts receivable)
  • You’re paying your employees overtime while you recruit to meet growing demand
  • Your vendors love you because your accounts payable clerk is on auto-pilot, paying them before the bills are due because his job is to pay bills (you probably didn’t even know about this, since you’re focused on selling activities)
  • No one is monitoring or managing cash

Each one of these is silently contributing to an impending cash crunch that will wreak havoc the next time payroll needs to be processed and paid.

TurboExecs can put you back in the driver’s seat.

Three of the biggest things we did for Simon’s business were: making tweaks to when commissions were paid, changing payment terms on inventory, and changing terms with their customers to get an appropriate down payment with contract acceptance.

Together, those three things increased their cash flow and put them on the right side of their cash on an ongoing basis.

In fact, they grew so quickly that they were just bought out by private equity looking to roll up in that industry!

Struggling with your cash flow or profitability and
want to create manageable, sustainable, profitable growth?

At TurboExecs, we help small and medium businesses that are struggling with chaos, such as out-of-control growth or sudden terrifying decline in revenues or profits. With outsourced accounting and CFO services, we help you take back control of your business — for manageable and profitable growth, with a clear vision for the future.


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