TurboExecs is a different kind of company.

We’re different because our team comes to all of our work with a heart-centered approach. We truly care about our clients, their dreams, what they want to do in the world, how they do it, and how they impact not only their clients but the communities around them.

In my mind, it’s like dropping a pebble into a very still pond and seeing the concentric circles radiating out from where the pebble was dropped. That’s the impact we can have on our clients and our clients can have on their clients and communities.

Caring doesn’t start and end with our clients, either. We really care about our team members and in turn, our team members really care about what’s happening with the clients they’re working with.

Because of that, we’re able to help them elevate.

We don’t just do accounting and record transactions. We put ourselves in the owner’s shoes to understand what they’re trying to accomplish and how they might be able to do it better.

We clean the glass on their car so that they can see what was in the rearview mirror — what happened in the past, historically in the business. We clean the windshield so they can see going forward and understand what’s coming at them. When they have a view of these things, they can recognize it, work with us to process it, take action, and put together a plan that can actually change the trajectory of their business for the better.

That’s how we help them elevate their business and achieve and realize their dreams.

We have a vested partnership with our clients, and it’s important to us to work with humans who value what we do and understand that it’s going to help them do more and do more good. They’re impact-driven, and so are we.

Within TurboExecs, we have the same values. We walk the talk with our own team.

We want heart-centered team members that enjoy what they do, love helping business owners get to that next level, and show up not only for their fellow team members but for their clients in a big way.

We’re super selective about who we bring onto our team because not everybody can be a TurboExec! Not everybody shows up that way and can treat client work as if it were their own.

One of our big guiding principles is Alignment = Velocity. That’s true from both a client standpoint as well as a team member standpoint. If you’re in alignment with our guiding principles and values, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to go farther, faster.

When that’s the case, there’s no friction, no confusion, no hindrance. There’s just flow and goal attainment, whether it’s on the team member or client side. There’s trust, and trust helps the results come quickly.

So, what are the guiding principles at TurboExecs?

1. Lead with Integrity. We believe in upholding client and team confidentiality and our own personal ethics, in order to secure the everyday trust of our clients and teammates.

2. Clear and Proactive Communication. Assume less, articulate more. We believe in clear, timely and respectful communication both internally with team members and externally with clients and other stakeholders.

3. Alignment Equals Velocity. We believe that goal alignment results in faster achievement of the stated objectives.

4. Innovation and Transformation. We are committed to continuously up-leveling (faster, more effective, more cost-efficient, more robust, more insightful). We challenge ourselves to be creative in our approach to problem-solving everyday business issues and to leverage our team’s talents to achieve more.

5. Positive Environment and Personal Growth. We constantly assess what we could have done better and what is or was within our control. We are the stewards of our positive outcomes.

6. The Fun Factor and Turning Work into Play. We believe that work should be fun and that we should enjoy what we do, so we create an environment that honors and respects that core value.

You can click here to learn more about our guiding principles.

I think the last one is one of the most important: you should be having fun! If you love what you do, it shouldn’t be a grind. We should be having fun right along with our clients who are enjoying what they’re doing because they’re doing what they love in their business.

We have a hand in helping them get back to that place of doing what they do best, and that’s what we love to do. Since we love to do it, it comes easy and that’s our Joy and Genius Zone (thanks to Samantha Hartley for that concept!).

If this way of working connects with you, whether you’re a prospective client or a team member, we should talk. Reach out here!

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