Does this sound familiar? You have a killer concept and your business is in fast-growth mode, but there’s no cohesive communication strategy – as a result, your partners and your employees are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to address every daily issue that pops up.

There are no job descriptions, no processes, no prioritization and no data – just “ready, fire, aim”, day in and day out. Total chaos. You have some top-notch advisors working with your team, but the management team is too busy to implement anything.

So orders are barked at your employees and they just react and do what they’re told. Your management team isn’t even aware of what various initiatives are being pursued.
Are you really listening?

I mean, do you hear what is being conveyed to you enough to process it, ask questions, decide on an appropriate course of action and make data-driven decisions? You know – the well-thought-out kind where you figure out the calculated risk or reward of each option?

See, it’s bizarre. This communication breakdown is costing you in staff efficiency, good decision-making, and causing team dissatisfaction, frustration, and turnover. Your bottom line is suffering too, along with your cashflow.

So, what to do?

Start by prioritizing and fixing your team communications. Next, focus on adding workflows and processes. Tighten up or simply document job descriptions. Prioritize the tasks in your workflows and use the resulting data to make sound decisions.

Now take a deep breath. What do you hear?

You should hear a well-oiled machine humming along, coupled with the “cha-ching” of higher profits (and cash) flowing into your business.

Great listening skills are essential to the success of your team and, ultimately, your entire business. Ready to revamp your communication strategy to grow your business with confidence? Let’s get started.

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