Budgeting is how your business’ strategic plan comes to life — and gets paid for.


  • A quantification of your goals, extracted from your strategic plan.
  • A roadmap of how to get to your goals and targets, laying out the path to achieving them.

Budgets also provide control mechanisms, risk mitigation, a basis for measurement, and keep us on the path to achieving our goals.

If you want to know what went right so you can keep doing it and what went wrong so you don’t repeat it, budgeting is key.

It helps ensure your success against your goals and the roadmap you’ve set out to follow.

With your budget, you can reduce your risk, make decisions faster, promote your measurements against your goals, and have more control over your numbers.

Having those insights throughout the year is invaluable as you run your business.

Dive into all things budgeting for business owners on TurboCharge Your Business.

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