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I took 150 mg for a week and now on 300 mg (just started this week). r/EffexorSuccess - for redditors to share success stories about their treatment and for those considering Effexor to ask meaningful questions about the treatment of depression/anxiety/etc. Anyone else have some of these Side effects? This is opposed to 18.7% gaining weight on Effexor and the bright light for some folks would be that 6.9% of Wellbutrin users LOST weight.My dr just took me off Effexor and now I'm taking Wellbutrin. Best of luck and I hope your symptoms improve!Have you been on mirtazapine? My side effects would be vertigo and shooting nerve pains in my head. Effexor + Wellbutrin: Took away the dark clouds over my head my entire life, made me feel alive again even now 2 years later Hey all, I just want to make a post reassuring some of you who may be on the fence about this medication, or perhaps considering adding this … She told me to taper off the Effexor while starting the Wellbutrin but this made me feel absolutely horrible, so I went back up on the Effexor and, after reading reviews about others doing it and being ok, I decided to keep the Wellbutrin. I guess my anxiety wasn't as bad back then...Anyway, when I started taking it a few years or so ago, it gave me the worst jaw tension. Create an account. but you'll have to wait and see how it affects you. Unfortunately, I got Stevens Johnson syndrome, so he switched me over to Topamax, using it off label. Using Reddit. There is no question this is true WildcatVet. Let’s hope the anxiety goes down!Wellbutrin XL is great. I feel like I have more depression and zero cares about anything. Compare Cymbalta vs Effexor head-to-head with other drugs for uses, ratings, cost, side effects, interactions and more. It did not help my depression at all, and because the side-effects never got better for me, I was put on something else after several months of trying.Yes I feel like such an asshole! My doctor recently switched me from Effexor XR 75mg/day to Wellbutrin XL 150mg/day due to significant weight gain in less than a month on effexor. She just recently put me on wellbutrin 200mg (100 mg twice a day) along with my 150 mg of effexor xr. I recently decided to start taking 150mg of Wellbutrin in addition to the Wellbutrin.

Sigh, I don’t know what to do.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castSpreading information and countering misinformation about antidepressants.Press J to jump to the feed. I've never taken effexor, but I used to take wellbutrin and Prozac together. Most importantly, the weight is coming off about 2 lbs a week. I haven't asked the doctor yet. We are all different in our experiences.

There is NO drug that doesn't cause weight gain in sensitive individuals. It is intended for those who wish to be part of a constructive community dedicated to the improvement of their mental health. Any advice?All I can say is that in the clinical trials and postmarket follow-ups the PDR reports that 13.6% of users gained weight. Share this post. Anyways, I’m worried about the whole anxious thing, sometimes I find myself not focused @ work and sometimes feel overwhelmed. These combinations were taken over a period of 6-weeks by 105 individuals and depression ratings were determined by HAM-D (Hamilton Depression Rating Scale) scores. My anxiety is a bit high too. Brain noises, anger-almost rage not known since 1989 when I started anti-dep's, cold feet& hands with sweating elsewhere, dizzy, I could go on:( Had a bad reaction to pesticides 2 yrs ago & the brain thing seems the same--don't know, maybe it's the switch in meds?

0. Maybe you're misunderstanding the nasty feeling you have for anxiety? Hopefully this med will work for me. I stopped that and switched to Effexor + Abilify and feel great so far but we'll see how it goes.It’s been 4 weeks on Wellbutrin and my anxiety and agitation are not going away. Curious to see with the Wellbutrin. I’m really worried that she’s going to tell me I can’t be on this combination and refuse to prescribe it to me this way. I have successfully found and started using herbal adrenal support 3 weeks ago along with an herbal mixed loose leaf tea. Other than that I feel much better than just a few days ago! He told me Wellbutrin will help with the unhealthy weight gain( I'm only 5'3 and over 150lbs since being on effexor) and that within a month it will have improved my anxiety and depression symptoms and will increase my energy levels and weight loss from the effexor. It seems to be a good combination for me. I guess I would say I feel kind of numb/ peaceful.

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