It’s lonely at the top.

You’ve seen it in the movies: there’s a person mountain climbing in high terrain desperate for fame, fortune, or whatever else is important to them.

The terrain is dangerous, but they’re strong and brave.

Suddenly, an avalanche or rockslide with dangerous life-ending consequences happens.

You gasp, hoping our hero lives for another adventure.

Dust, snow, or smoke clear and our hero emerges unscathed to continue their ascent.

Whew! Close call.

This metaphoric scene takes place daily in the life of business owners, except they don’t always emerge unscathed.

Ill-informed decisions cost thousands. Supply chain disruptions occur with no back-up plan. Natural disasters interrupt operations. There are so many scenarios that occur…with no contingency plan.

Take Angela, for example — a successful saleswoman who hated finance. She had owned her manufacturing company for over twenty years and just bought another company in a related, but different, industry. When we met, her business was hemorrhaging cash. Yikes!

She was in a crisis situation with a lot of debt on her books not generating any positive cash flows. On paper, she was technically insolvent.

The climb was treacherous, and she was in the middle of an avalanche. She called TurboExecs in just in time — and together, we grew her to her biggest year ever in both sales and profit. Since then, her sales and profit have continued to post double-digit percentage growth each year.

The real message is to never climb alone. It’s dangerous to not have a buddy assist you, guide you, and help you cross chasms. In the mountains, and in your business.

It’s lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be. When you surround yourself with a team and advisors who’ve seen the movie before and know how to support business owners, you can find critical sanity and success.

All you have to do is ask.

At TurboExecs, we’re expert guides for your ascent. If you’re ready to stop going it alone and get the tools, systems, and expertise you need to grow your business with confidence, call us at 717.925.3270.

And PS – you can learn exactly how we turned Angela’s business around in our case study, From Near Bankruptcy to Spectacular Success.

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